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Free Amazon Codes; In this period we live in the age of technology, online solutions are available for almost all our needs. With the new normal brought by the pandemic process, we found ourselves in a life where we are more adapted to the digital world. Therefore, we take full advantage of the services offered by technology companies. One of these services is the e-commerce site Amazon Prime.

If you want to join the amazon prime world as soon as possible, you can use the Amazon Free Gift Card Code If you want to join the amazon prime world as soon as possible, you can use the Amazon Free Gift Card Code we shared with peace of mind. Our free Amazon Codes list is updated weekly. So stay tuned to grab a free amazon code. If you’re late in getting a code, don’t worry, leave a comment and we’ll send it.

Amazon Free Gift Card Code 2022

free Amazon Codes 1= CDPA-8SG8FD-KS85
free Amazon Codes 2= G523-CKS39A-3853
free Amazon Codes 3= KD33-CXSM12-DBM1
free Amazon Codes 4= LBFS-H24SK3-FFG9
free Amazon Codes 5= 25BA-LG5SUH-5KHG
free Amazon Codes 6= YAG8-7MSHSB-S1LG
free Amazon Codes 7= FBF7-55SN34-VXM3
free Amazon Codes 8= EVKW-GDSAA-BMAA
free Amazon Codes 9= NN34-OFVS45-LFJV
free Amazon Codes 10= VV4C-HWSF2Q-DC88

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

You can get started quickly using free Amazon Codes. Amazon Prime is an alternative created for those who prefer to shop online but do not want to wait for a long time for the delivery process. With Amazon Prime, orders can be received on the same day or the next day, and delivery is free. Shopping outside of Amazon Prime ‘s  some of the services offered in the series, movies, music,  TV to reach its programs and game content. With these contents, the platform  is seen as a competitor especially to Netflix, Spotify and Twitch.

Amazon Prime Video: The company’s platform that broadcasts series, movies and  TV shows. It provides access to award-winning movies and Amazon Original series. It offers feature films and special documentaries, as well as content exclusive to it. It is thought that the platform will enter into strong competition with all online series and movie platforms. 

Amazon Prime Music:   Amazon Prime Music, which brings to mind  Spotify , comes up with a wide music archive. It provides unlimited access to 60 million songs. 

Amazon Prime Reading: With  Amazon Prime membership, it offers hundreds of e-books and e-journal archives to users. It is a platform with a wide archive from sports, technology, life content and current magazines to best-selling authors.  

Amazon  Photos  Platform that offers 5GB of video storage for Prime members and 5GB of photo and video storage for other customers. It  saves photos to Amazon Photos by backing them up to the cloud,  so they are preserved on this platform even if they are deleted from our device. Or we can free up usable space by deleting it from our device. One can create prints and holiday cards with their favorite photos.  

Prime Gaming: While providing access to popular games and their content, it does not miss the opportunity of free games. 

Free Amazon Cart Codes

First  android  If you are using the phone  Play store  the application through Amazon,  Iphone  users of the  app store  out  can start downloading . If you have an amazon account, you can automatically log in with your username and password. After that, you are directed to Amazon Prime 30 days free trial by clicking on my account from the ‘menu’ icon in the upper left corner and selecting manage your prime membership. After clicking the 30-day free trial button, you enter your credit card, address and phone number and create a prime subscription.   

If  you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of Amazon Prime after the 30-day free trial  and do not cancel your membership, your membership will be renewed by deducting a monthly fee from the credit card information you entered. No fees will be charged as long as you cancel the Amazon Prime free trial membership.  

A single membership is enough to take advantage of all the benefits of Amazon Prime  . You do not need to open a separate subscription for Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music or photos.  

How Much Is Amazon Prime Monthly Fee? 

Amazon Prime monthly fee is 7.90 TL as mentioned above  . If you do not cancel your membership after a 30-day trial, your credit card will be automatically withdrawn and your membership will be renewed.  

What are Amazon Prime Benefits ?

First of all, if we talk about the advantages in terms of order delivery, Amazon Prime offers its customers two alternatives: unlimited free next day delivery and free same day delivery. Unlimited, free next day delivery on orders at no additional charge for  müşetiri the transports. Amazon customers in Istanbul, Bursa and Kocaeli can also benefit from the same day delivery option. In the free same-day delivery option, you  can receive your delivery on the same day for your purchases of 50 TL or more, without paying any additional fees, except for your orders. 

Among the Amazon Prime advantages, the Prime early access feature is one of the important ones. By providing 30 minutes early access to discounted products, it allows you to take advantage of discounts before the stock runs out.  

It also offers entertainment advantages with Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Reading, Amazon Prime Photo and Amazon Prime Gaming, as mentioned above in our article.

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