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Clash Of Clans Coc Free Accounts, Clash of Clans is a strategy game that can be played on Android or iOS devices. Its Turkish equivalent is “War of Clans” or “Clash of Clans”. The game is produced by Finland-based Supercell company. The game was released for iOS on August 2, 2012, and for Android on October 7, 2013.

The main purpose in Clash of Clans is to defend your village against other players, and to strengthen your army and fight with other real players to collect loot. With the loot you collect, it is also to strengthen the defense of your village and develop your army. In the game, you can fight with random players from the world, or you can join a clan and participate in clan wars.

There are four different resources in our game. Even though someone is not exactly a source, I stated it that way. The first is gold, the second is elixir, the third is black elixir, and the fourth is green stone.

Clash Of Clans Coc Free Accounts (2022)

E-mail AddressPassword
[email protected]09499535568
[email protected]cocotime4
[email protected]goha490
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[email protected]sniperm4n
[email protected]francisnicol11
[email protected]linda455585
[email protected]dizzypro77
[email protected]1one1man1
[email protected]asd112233

As you all know, one of them is much more valuable than the others. As in many games, the “green stone” is the hardest to collect and the most valuable object in this game. Let us give you a hint. Never use your green stone when you start the game. You have to be patient in army training or construction. If I’m not mistaken at the beginning of the game, it gives 250 green stones. You can get a new worker when you collect these stones over time and make 450. If you are a worker, you are given two at the beginning of the game. When you reach 450 stones, which is invaluable to you, you can buy workers and increase the number of workers to three. Later in the game, you can also get the fourth worker with 1000 green stones. It’s all about patience. If you want, you can buy green stones with your credit card or in various forms.

Let’s come to our other source, the black elixir. Dark elixir is not a resource that you can see or obtain at the beginning of the game, or use even if you get it. How so? I can hear you say.. You will be able to use the dark elixir after playing the game for a few months on average. Black elixir is also a very valuable resource, although not as much as green stone. Gold and elixir are also resources that you can easily understand when you start playing the game.

So how do I get these resources? As I mentioned at the beginning of our article, you will win these resources by making wars. Besides, you can get gold with gold mines, elixir with elixir collectors, and dark elixir with dark elixir probe. You will get gold and elixir normally, but the dark elixir is not so easily obtained. You can either get it as loot from wars or, as we said, from your dark elixir probe. The dark elixir probe does not yield 300-500-1000-2000 gold or elixir per hour like other mineral or elixir collector. On average, you can get 20-30-50-100 per hour. Why don’t you say there isn’t a certain number? The reason for this is the upgrade, which is one of the basic rules of the game. In the game, your buildings, your soldiers and heroes in the army, your mines, As you upgrade your pickers etc, their picking speed also increases. For the soldiers, their strength is increasing. We can think like this.

Let’s talk a little more about the game. At the beginning of the game, you have a simple village. The first referrals are already made to you. At the beginning of the game, the game asks you to spend stones. As I said, don’t spend. While you are improving in the game, your first job is to rebuild the destroyed clan castle. What good will this clan castle do? When you set up your clan castle, clans worldwide become available to you. Imagine players getting together and forming a team. You can think of the clan thing in the same way. You can recruit reinforcements from your clanmates. Of course, within certain limits. But it is not possible to give or receive resources.

The other issue is clan wars. Clan wars are initiated by the clan leader or co-leader. An opponent is determined by searching clans globally. The leader or co-leader who started the clan war may not take you into the war if they want. He can do the war with 10 players or 15 players, etc. Let’s say you have 17 people in your clan. If the leader starts a war with 10 people, 7 people cannot join the war. If 15 people do it, 2 people.. This is the system.

By the way, let’s talk about ranks. The rank system is as follows.

Member –> Major –> Assistant leader (yl) –> Leader

Leader or co-leader can start clan war, edit clan settings. It has such powers.

Those who are in high rank can kick newcomers, namely “members”, from the clan if they want. A member is a normal clan member as we said.

Defense buildings

  • Wall: It is  a kind of wall. It serves to stall the enemy, but the wall can be easily destroyed by destroyers. Hog riders can jump over walls. The highest wall is 11 levels.
  • Ball:  It is the first defensive unit of the game. It can prevent attacks from land. The highest is 13 levels.
  • Archer Tower:  It has a long range compared to cannons and can prevent both air and ground attacks. The highest is 13 levels.
  • Air Defense:  It is one of the most important defense units of the game. It is used against strong air attacks. It can cause serious damage to flying units. The highest is 8 levels.
  • Sorcerer’s Tower:  Can prevent both ground and air attacks. It can destroy many soldiers at the same time with its area effect hit. The highest is 9 levels.
  • Mortar:  It is one of the strongest defensive units in the game. Deals serious damage and destroys low-health soldiers such as archers, barbarians, and magicians in 1-2 hits. The highest is 8 levels.
  • Bomb:  Deals damage to attacking soldiers. Multiple bombs do serious damage when placed side by side. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Spring Trap:  Throws ground-walking enemies into the air, knocking them out of combat. However, it will not work on archer queen, barbarian king, PEKKA, golem and air units. Cannot be upgraded.
  • Air Grenade:  An area trap for flying units, but does not affect the healer. The highest is 4 levels.
  • Air Detonator: Dispels  flying units by blasting air. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Hidden Tesla:  Doesn’t appear until the enemy approaches it. When it spawns, it electrifies enemies and can hit both ground and airborne units. Deals 2x more damage to PEKKAs. The highest is 8 levels.
  • Giant Bomb:  Affects all units in a small area when detonated. The boar deals 1.5x more damage to its riders. The highest is 4 levels.
  • Guided Air Mine:  Very high damage. Deals serious damage to flying units such as dragons (no effect on minions and healers). Doesn’t do area damage like Air Grenades. The highest is 3 levels.
  • Skeleton Trap:  A coffin that, when opened, will extract a skeleton from it. It can be set to defend the air or the land. The highest is 3 levels.
  • X-Bow:  It is a very powerful defensive unit. It can be set to aim at long range land units or short range land and air units. It works with elixir, it needs to be refilled to work when the elixir in it runs out. The highest is 4 levels.
  • Inferno Tower:  It is the last and most powerful defensive unit of the game. It spews fire and the more it focuses on the same target, the more damage it deals. It can hit all units on the ground and in the air. It can kill units with high health such as dragon, golem, PEKKA in a very short time. It runs on fuel like the X-Spring, but unlike the X-Bow, it works by charging dark elixir. It also has the ability to deal damage to single targets and multiple targets separately, which can be taken separately in these modes, but the continuous increase in its power on the focused soldier is only valid in the mode of damaging a single soldier. The highest is 3 levels.
  • Tactical Fighter Artillery:  Coming with the “Village Building 11” update, this building works with elixir. Its range is the whole village. Inflicts an area effect attack. Its range is between 7-50 tiles (ineffective for the first 7 tiles).
  • Heroes: The  Barbarian King is the character with the most health. There can be up to 40 levels. His special move “Iron Fist” unlocks at level 5, regenerating his health and dealing more damage. Archer queen hits too much, has low health, max 40 level. His move is “Royal Cloak”. Unlocks at level 5. Deals damage and becomes invisible and restores health (Barbarian King summons barbarian, Archer Queen summons archer.) The Great Warden can also be adjusted to air or land. Increases the hitpoints of soldiers within range in battle. Her special move ensures that soldiers within her range are invulnerable.


  • Barbarian:  Probably the most aggressive soldier in the game. Shelter area is 1 unit. There is no specific target in the attack. Grows in 20 seconds. The highest is 7 levels. It is also used in the icon of the game.
  • Archer: Can  destroy buildings behind one row of walls without having to destroy walls. Shelter area is 1 unit. Grows in 25 seconds. The highest is 7 levels.
  • Goblin:  The game’s fastest soldier on land (32 units speed). Its priority is gold, elixir and dark elixir resources. Shelter area is 1 unit. Grows for 30 seconds. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Giant:  Although not very fast, it is useful for attacking defenses first, being strong and durable. Housing area is 5 units. It grows in 2 minutes. The highest is 7 levels.
  • Wall Breaker: Wall-prioritized  , this soldier deals 40x damage to walls. If there is no wall to be destroyed in the war, it will attack other buildings. Housing area is 2 units. It grows in 2 minutes. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Balloon:  Although defenses such as cannon and mortar cannot fire at him, he is not very high in health and can be destroyed by defenses such as archer tower, magician tower, air defense, air-adjusted X-Bow. His favorite target is defenses. It cannot be regenerated by the Healer. Housing area is 5 units. It grows in 8 minutes. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Mage:  Throws fireballs and can deal massive damage. But his life is not very high. Housing area is 4 units. It grows in 8 minutes. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Healer:  Has the ability to restore the health of ground units. Air traps do not affect the healer. Shelter area is 14 units. It is grown in 15 minutes. The highest is 4 levels.
  • Dragon:  The strongest flying soldier. It is useful in terms of having a lot of health and inflicting great damage. Like a balloon, a dragon cannot be given life by a healer. Shelter area is 20 units. It grows in 30 minutes. The highest is 5 levels.
  • PEKKA:  The highest health barracks soldier. Although it is not fast, it makes up for this loss with its power. Spring Trap does not affect him. Shelter area is 25 units. It is grown in 45 minutes. Hidden Tesla turrets deal 2x damage to PEKKA. The highest is 5 levels.

Black Barracks

  • Minion: A  small, blue creature that flies. Throws balls of Dark Elixir. It is fast and the shelter area is 2 units. Guided air mines do not affect minions. Grows in 45 seconds. The highest is 6 levels.
  • Boar Rider:  The only soldier who can jump over walls (without using Jumping Spells ). Housing area is 5 units. The giant bomb deals 1.5 times more damage to the boar rider. It grows in 2 minutes. The highest is 5 levels.
  • Valkyrie:  Fights using an axe. Housing area is 8 units. It grows in 8 minutes. The highest is 4 levels.
  • Golem:  This creature, named Golemite, has the ability to split into 2 small camels when it dies, and its health is approximately 1.75 times the health of PEKKA. While it’s not very fast, its power supersedes its speed. Shares the shelter area record with the Lava Hound, its shelter area is 30 units. It is grown in 45 minutes. The highest is 5 levels.
  • Witch: By  removing skeletons from the ground, she both damages the other side and protects herself. Shelter area is 12 units. It is grown in 20 minutes. The highest is 2 levels.
  • Lava Hound:  Although it has a lot of damage points, it dies within a short time as it directly targets air defense, air range defense units, and other defense units. Its characteristics are similar to golems. Shelter area is 30 units. It is the unit with the most health among the military units in the game (at level 1, it has 5700 health). When he dies, he splits into new soldiers called Lava Dogs. The number of these soldiers varies depending on the level of the Lava Hound. It is grown in 45 minutes. The highest is 3 levels.
  • Shooter: It  looks like a camel. Throws a boulder at buildings, dealing area damage. After hitting the first building, the rock bounces off and hits the back building. Housing area is 8 units. The highest is 3 levels.


Spell Factory

  • Lightning Spell:  It is a spell that inflicts serious damage to buildings and defense soldiers on the area where it is cast. Housing area is 2 units. It is prepared in 20 minutes.
  • Healing Spell:  Creates a healing circle on the area where it is thrown, quickly regenerating the health of all soldiers in the circle. Housing area is 2 units. It is prepared in 20 minutes.
  • Rage Spell:  It is a spell that creates a ring of anger on the area where it is thrown, increasing the attack power and movement speed of all soldiers in the ring. Housing area is 2 units. It is prepared in 30 minutes.
  • Jumping Spell:  By casting this spell near walls, you can move your troops as if there were no walls there. Housing area is 2 units. It is prepared in 30 minutes.
  • Freeze Spell:  You can freeze the enemy’s soldiers and defenses using this spell. Housing area is 2 units. It grows in 30 minutes.

Black Magic Factory

  • Poison Spell:  Creates a circle on the area where it is thrown and damages enemy soldiers within that circle. It does not affect buildings. Shelter area is 1 unit. It is prepared in 15 minutes.
  • Earthquake Spell:  A spell that damages buildings. Unlike lightning spells, it deals a percentage of damage to buildings. Deals less damage if used on the second same building. Shelter area is 1 unit. It is prepared in 15 minutes.
  •  Haste Spell: Creates a circle on the area where it is thrown and accelerates the soldiers in that circle. Housing area is one unit. It is prepared in 15 minutes.

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