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Free 8 Ball Pool Accounts, There is no one who does not know billiards, many of us have seen it somehow, albeit from afar. If you’ve ever played real billiards, you’ve probably realized that billiards isn’t as easy as it looks. Of course, this sport, which is based on dexterity and ability, can become enjoyable and even a passion when learned.

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There are a total of seven balls numbered between the numbers 1 and 7, known as the flat ball, seven balls in pajamas, numbered between the numbers 9 and 15, the black ball number 8, and the white ball called the cue ball.

It can be played with or without a band, as 2 people or 2 teams. The aim of the game is to pocket any of the two groups of balls and to put the black ball left at the end into the pocket where the last ball entered. Or the last thrown ball is to enter the pocket that the player will bid, not to the pocket where it entered.

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Other Important Information About 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Free Accounts

In “no tape” play, it is not mandatory for the balls to see the tape before they go into the pocket or before the white ball touches the bid ball.

The game “without tape” starts with the white ball hitting the other end of the table, the first quarter line of the table, as the player wishes, after the balls are lined up differently from the shaman.

The player plays with the group that put the ball into the pocket first. If he puts the balls of both groups into the hole, it is not considered a foul and the game continues as it is. Even if he can’t hit any ball, the opponent chooses the group he will play. The player has to declare which pocket the ball will go into before hitting it. Except for number 1 and number 15 balls, other balls must go into the middle pockets. If balls 1 and 15 enter in the first shot, they are not removed from the pocket, the game continues.

In case of foul, the opponent succeeds by placing the white ball wherever he wants. It is a foul to insert the white ball, if one of the balls goes out, the white ball touches the black ball before the other groups are finished, or the white ball does not touch any of the balls. If the black ball enters the hole before the other groups are finished, the opposing team player wins.

The most preferred type of pocket billiards is American Billiards.


Similar to American billiards, 14+1 is also a very preferred type of billiards. So how is this billiards played?

This is a variation played on the American Pool table. Balls are placed in Billiards layout. In this game, the player can put the ball he wants into the holes. A number is predetermined and the one who gets that point wins. The more balls the player throws, the more points he gets. Bidding is mandatory in this game. If the declared ball goes into the wrong hole, the ball is removed and replaced in its previous place. At the end of the game, that is, when 14 of the 15 balls are inserted and 1 remain, those 14 balls are lined up again. Then 14. The player with the ball continues the game. In general, it is continued by hitting the last ball from the previous series on the table and distributing the other 14 balls. Dealing with the last 14 balls is called breaking.

In this game, fouls are counted as -1 point. In addition, 15 points are deducted from the player who fouls 3 times in a row.


It is played in touristic places because it is not known to be played in Turkey. It has been very developed recently and is a candidate to be the most played billiards type. So, how is this billiards played?

Snooker is also a variant of pocket billiards. The British discovered this. Of the colored balls, yellow is 2 points, green is 3 points, brown is 4 points, blue is 5 points, pink is 6 points, black is 7 points and there is one each. There are also 22 balls, including 15 red balls (1 point) and one white ball. It is played by inserting a red ball and then a different colored ball, again a red ball, and then another colored ball. If there is a foul, the red ball will not be removed, but the balls of the other color will be removed.

If the white ball enters the hole, it goes 4 points. In addition, when it is the turn of the red ball, when a ball of the other color is inserted, points go across the value of the colored ball. If the ball leaves the table or if the object touches the balls except for the cue, 7 points are passed to the other side. If the player who does not want to take risks or knows that he cannot make a pot throws the white ball to a place that will prevent the opponent from seeing his own goal, he has left a “snooker”. Apart from these, there are a few more types of billiard games. The answer to the question of how to play billiards is in this way.

Billiards is a very enjoyable game if you know how to play it really well. Well, what if we don’t know the rules? It can’t be said that it is so enjoyable to play without knowing the rules exactly. Here are the billiard rules (American Billiards) to say I know exactly:

Purpose and Arrangement

Billiards rules are as follows, the main goal of the game is to pocket the declared black ball after the player has pocketed the previously selected group.

In this type of billiards, there are 7 balls numbered from 1 to 7, 7 balls with pajamas numbered from 9 to 15, namely stripes, a white ball and a black ball numbered 8.

The balls are arranged in a triangle. In the line-up, there is ball number 8 in the middle, and at the corners of the triangle there should be one straight ball and one striped ball. Other balls are randomly placed inside the equilateral triangle. You can also find detailed information about billiards on the Billiards Digest website.

Getting Started and Rules

In accordance with the billiard rules, the starting player puts the cue ball where he wants and makes the throw, provided that the balls are on target. If none of the balls are thrown, at least 4 balls must see the band, if this condition is not met, the opponent’s turn passes, the opponent has three options;

  1. The game continues where it left off.
  2. He continues himself by asking for the balls to be reordered.
  3. Requests the balls to be reordered, prompting the opponent to re-roll.

It does not matter which group enters the ball, but if any group enters the ball, the table is open.

If the cue ball enters the hole or goes off the table, it is the turn of the opposing player. If ball number 8 goes into the hole at the opening, the opening player has two options;

  1. Asks for the balls to be reordered.
  2. To continue the game by placing the ball number 8 at the intersection of the 2nd dots on the long and short bands.

If the opening player pockets the 8th ball and the cue ball within the same stroke, the opposing player has the right to have the balls realigned or to have the 8 ball placed back in the pyramid point, and to place the cue ball anywhere in the opening area and continue shooting.

The ball that falls into the pockets is not removed, whether a regular shot or a foul shot has been made. If such a situation occurs, live betting sites also void the bets.

In addition, if the player fouls in accordance with the billiard rules, the opponent player continues the game by taking the cue ball and placing it wherever he wants. But in the beginning it is not like that. If a foul has been committed at the start, the opponent has the right to place the cue ball only in the opening area. When shooting, the ball has to cross the opening line.


According to billiard rules, fouls and their consequences are as follows:

  1. If a regular shot could not be applied,
  2. If the cue ball is pocketed in one shot,
  3. If the cue ball is pocketed at the starting throw,
  4. If he has moved the cue ball outside of the firing order,
  5. It is a foul if the player touches one of the opponent’s balls with the cue ball while their target balls are on the table. After these fouls, the opponent player continues the game by placing the cue ball where he wants.

In addition, in accordance with the billiard rules, the player who commits these violations loses directly:

  1. If he fouls while pocketing the 8 ball.
  2. If he pockets ball number 8 with the last ball of his group.
  3. Gets ball number 8 off the table.
  4. If the ball number 8 lands in a pocket other than the one in which it was declared.
  5. If he pockets the ball number 8 without targeting it.
  6. If he fouls 3 times in a row.

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