Free Azure Accounts and Passwords 2022

Free Azure Accounts and Passwords, Windows Azure or Microsoft Azure, which we have been talking about frequently lately; get free account, free azure account? We have prepared this article because of the increase in questions such as. First of all, Windows Azure in short is a Microsoft signed cloud service. However, when we go into the details of the business, we come across concepts such as Windows Azure and Windows Azure Platform. For this reason, we will try to give information about this service of Microsoft by defining and examining both concepts.

We can say that it is a more personalized version of the Windows Server operating system, which the new generation computer users do not know much about, but is closely witnessed by the old generation. The biggest difference between them is that Windows Azure is designed to be more efficient for software developers.

Free Azure Accounts and Passwords 2022

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Azure Free Accounts and Passwords

The operating system, in which the tools frequently used by database, software and application developers are easily accessible on the cloud network, that is, the internet, does not contribute much to the individual user. Some of the tools we mentioned are SQL Server and Visual Studio.

What is Windows Azure Platform?

While describing Windows Azure, we mentioned that it is an operating system and that it has various tools for developers. So what is Windows Azure Platform?

We will prefer this method as it will be easier to explain with an example rather than using stereotypical sentences. The only thing an application developer wants is a stable infrastructure and a smooth coding. Problems that may occur during the development phase will change the fate of the application or software, so it is often a nightmare for developers. This is where the Windows Azure Platform comes into play.

You can own many services with a licensed membership for a certain fee, and all problems that may occur will be dealt with by Microsoft, not you. In this way, you will be able to focus on your projects with peace of mind with a problem-free infrastructure. Of course, controlling many factors such as storage, bandwidth and energy brings great responsibilities and often a lot of trouble for the developer. However, Microsoft’s data center allows easy solution of any problems that may occur.

Another point is that we talked about cloud service at the beginning of our article. So, which of these cloud system categories does this Windows Azure Platform belong to?

Cloud storage, which is currently on the agenda of the world, is transferred to the end user in its simplest form. In fact, the categories of cloud services, which are complex and have such an advanced structure; It is named with many concepts such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, PlaaS, DaaS. Since we do not want to make the article long and boring by entering each of these concepts one by one, we skip this place. (Enthusiasts can ask their questions in the comment section and get information.)

Windows Azure Platform is an example of PaaS from the above categories. PaaS; It is short for Platform as a Service. To briefly talk about PaaS, we can say that the tools offered to you are collected in a pool and you can add or remove them as you wish. Also;

– Does not require coding while developing Business Management software,
– Does not require energy consumption for application performance,
– It makes your work very easy in terms of time and labor,
– It does not make you feel the problems with the database. You just focus on your work,
– You do not care about the costs of the data center and server,
It offers an easy development opportunity with tools that you can add and deduct quite easily and quickly, in the form of drag-and-drop.

Fee and License

Of course, it could not be expected that a platform with so many blessings would be free. Also, there is no exact price. How ?

You need to choose the one you need from the price scale determined by many factors such as how much you will benefit from the cloud service and which services you will use, and you need to determine a net price. While this is a good situation in one respect, on the other hand, it means you have to go to some limitations. The lack of a uniform price may also mean the quality of the infrastructure of the emerging applications.

Windows Azure Fee Calculator

As for licensing, the current SPLA (Service Provider License Agreement), if any, is not sufficient. The service that requires a different language means extra effort in this respect.

Notes and Conclusion

1 – It is frequently mentioned by offering a cheaper infrastructure than it should be and bringing solutions to problems.

2 – The institution is a preferred system because it reduces infrastructure costs.

3 – Windows Azure is also known as Microsoft Azure.

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