Free Boom Beach Accounts (Diamonds) 2022

Free Boom Beach Accounts, Boom Beach is a strategy based game that can be played on mobile devices. Developed by the producer of the Clash of clans game, boom beach is loved and played by many players today.

Boom beach seems to be a purely strategy game. The player is given a base and is asked to defend it. It is among his duties to attack other players. Boom beach gives four items; With wood, stone, gold, iron, they will both develop their base and attack other players. In addition, the game, which is intended to train soldiers, provides the opportunity to develop soldiers only with gold.

Free Boom Beach Accounts (Diamonds) 2022

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Free Boom Beach Accounts

It gives the opportunity to use stone and wood in the construction and development of buildings. If the given stone, wood, gold, iron runs out, it must be obtained from the diamonds found in many games. The diamonds can be found in some regions in the game if the user wishes, or the opportunity to purchase them is presented to the player. In the game, the clan logic is not provided, and the individuality is generally kept in the foreground.

What is Boom Beach Cheat? What Does It Do?
There are many cheats developed for Boom Beach game, one of them is known as unlimited money cheat. By using cheats in games, it can be very fun to achieve some things without much effort. For this reason, players want to increase their level or position by playing the game with cheats instead of spending time.

Getting unlimited money in Boom Beach game allows you to buy vehicles or items in the game. Developing your own soldiers and weapons quickly is possible with the money in the game. With these improvements, players can quickly defeat their opponents and also build a very good defense.

However, we would like to open a parenthesis about the use of cheating. Supercell, the game’s producer company, has banned the use of such cheats. In other words, if the game detects that you are using cheats, your account can be closed permanently. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful when using cheats.

How to Install Boom Beach Cheat?

  • In order to activate cheat usage in Boom beach game, you must first uninstall the game on your mobile device.
  • The APK file you will download from our site contains the installation file of the game + the cheat.
  • In other words, after installing it on your mobile device, your cheat will be activated directly.
  • First, download the APK version of the game from our page to your mobile devices.
  • Go to your mobile device, go to settings>security>allow unknown sources.
  • Finally, complete the automatic installation by running the downloaded file.

How to Get a Builder?

After getting 5 builders with stones in Clash of Clans, you need to complete some upgrades to get the Master builder (6th builder). These upgrades require some buildings in the main village and the second village, the builder village, to be upgraded to the final level.

Buildings that need to be upgraded in the main village:
Convert your mortar into a multi-mortar.
Turn the ball into a double ball.
Convert archer tower to long range.

Buildings that need to be upgraded in the Builder Village:
Upgrade the Cannon Cart to level 18.
Upgrade Mega Tesla to level 9
Upgrade the War Machine to level 30.

In order to send the Master Builder to the original village, you must first place the Master Builder building in the original village. You can send it from the original village to the Builder’s building by tapping the Master builder’s hut.

You can use the master builder to build a building in the village you want. For example, you have nothing to build in the original village, but if you need to build 2 constructions in the second village, you can recall them anytime. So you can use the master builder in both your villages.

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