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Free Cbs All Access Accounts; is a single network streaming service that lets you watch live television without a cable subscription. Unlike most other streaming services, it offers content from CBS and other channels of parent company Viacom CBS. It’s also one of the only places to watch CBS online and the only place to watch those exclusive content. Star Wars: Discovery. Signing up for Paramount+ is very easy and includes a free trial period. You’ll need to enter your billing information, but you won’t be charged if you decide to cancel before the trial period ends.

Free Cbs All Access Accounts 2022

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Cbs All Access Free Accounts

For the registration;

  1. Go to
  2. Select Try for free.
  3. Select Continue.
  4. Choose a plan (Limited Ads or Commercial Free) and select Continue.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Enter your information and choose a password, select Continue to continue.
  7. Select Continue.
  8. Enter the payment details. You will not be charged as long as the subtotal amount on this screen shows $0.00, but you will be charged at the end of the trial period if you do not cancel first.
  9. Select Start Paramount + or if you are using Paypal, select Pay with PayPal > Start Paramount +.

Choose a Paramount + Plan

There are two plans available from Paramount+ and the only difference is the amount of ads you have to sit in.

The cheaper Paramount+ plan includes ads embedded in on-demand videos, while the non-commercial version removes them. However, even if you pay for the ad-free version of Paramount+, the ads are not removed from the live CBS stream. The other difference between the two plans is that the free trial period is shorter if you choose the ad-free version. If you prefer to have the ad-free version or revert to the ad-free version, you can do so at any time after subscribing. Are you ready to go out? Cancel Paramount+ in few steps.

How to Use Paramount +

To use Paramount+, you need a high speed internet connection and a compatible device. The easiest options are to watch with your favorite web browser on your computer or on your phone, but Paramount+ also supports devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV. You can also stream Paramount+ from your phone to your TV from Android or iOS.

What Content Does Paramount+ Offer?

Paramount+ technically competes with other live television streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Now, but on a smaller scale. While these services offer dozens or even hundreds of channels with a price tag to match, Paramount+ draws from its parent company’s catalog, which includes programming from channels such as BET, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Smithsonian Channel, TV Land, ViacomCBS. as well as Paramount Pictures movies. ViacomCBS has a huge show library. For example, you can watch all the shows on Cheers, and they’re all on the Star Wars series, Paramount+. While these shows originally aired on other networks, CBS owns them. Other popular shows include BETs Hollywood’s Real Husbands, Comedy Central’s Chappelle’s Show, and Nickelodeon’s Rugrats. The weak spot of most live television streaming services is local network television, which is usually only available in a limited number of markets. Paramount+ is unique as it is available in over 200 markets in the United States. So if you’re having trouble finding an online streaming service that can provide you with a local network, there’s a good chance Paramount+ has coverage where you live. In addition to your local CBS subscription, Paramount+ also provides a stream of CBSN, CBS’ 24/7 live news channel.

How Many Shows Can You Watch Simultaneously on Paramount+?

When you watch a show on Paramount+, whether it’s a live stream or an on-demand episode, it’s called streaming. CBS limits the number of these streams that can be active at any one time, so even if you use Paramount+ on multiple devices, there is a limit to how many you can use at once. Paramount+ allows two simultaneous streams, and those streams apply to any device you own and any type of video you post. This means you can watch the live broadcast of your local CBS subscription on your computer at the same time someone else uses the same account to stream an on-demand episode to your television. However, a third party cannot simultaneously watch live or on-demand content on any third device. You can mix and match devices and live or on-demand content, but you’re always limited to two simultaneous streams.

How Fast Does Your Internet Need To Be To Watch Paramount+?

Paramount+ requires a high speed internet connection and the quality of the video will vary depending on the speed of your connection. The recommended minimum speeds for Paramount+ are:

  • 800+ Kbps for streaming on a mobile device.
  • 1.5+ Mbps for streaming live television or video-on-demand to a computer or device like Amazon Fire TV or Roku.
  • 4+ Mbps to watch Big Brother Live broadcasts.

Big Brother Live uses four simultaneous video streams that require more bandwidth than usual.

Does Paramount+ Offer Any Options or Special Features?

While Paramount+ is technically a ViacomCBS streaming service, it does offer the option to add Showtime content for an additional fee. This is likely because CBS owns Showtime, which makes Premium Showtime content a natural fit for Paramount+.

How to Watch Live Television on Paramount +

Paramount+’s main focus is providing an online feed of your local CBS station; This means that you can use the service to watch CBS on your computer, phone, or even TV with the right hardware. To watch live television on Paramount+:

  1. Go to
  2. Hover your mouse over Live TV.
  3. Select CBS (Local Station) to watch your local CBS channel CBSN (24/7 News) to watch CBSN’s live broadcast, CBS Sports HQ to watch sports news or ET to watch entertainment live news.

While the video player has a pause button when you watch Paramount+ on your computer, you cannot pause live television with the service.

Does Paramount + Have On Demand or DVR?

While Paramount+’s main focus is live television, it includes a selection of on-demand content. The selection is limited to the current season for most shows still airing, but full seasons or even full series are available for some older shows. In addition to current series and old shows, Paramount+ also has some exclusive content. For instance, the only place you can watch Star Wars: Discovery is on Paramount+. A spin-off of Good Fight, Good Wife, is also exclusive to Paramount+. Paramount+ does not feature a digital video recorder (DVR), so the only way to watch a show you missed is to wait for it to appear in the on-demand section. To watch an on-demand television show or movie on Paramount+:

  • Go to
  • Select Shows to reveal a list of available shows and then click on the show you want to watch.
  • Select Watch now to jump right into the show or scroll down and select a specific episode you want to watch.

You can pause on-demand content, and if you leave and come back, it will pick up where you left off. You can also select a point in the video timeline to fast forward, but if you try to skip an ad, the ad will play automatically.

Can You Rent Movies on Paramount+?

Some live television streaming services also provide pay-per-view and rental content, but Paramount+ does not. Free on-demand movies are available, and you can access more if you add Showtime to your subscription.

If you want to rent a new version, you can do so through non-subscription services like Vudu, Amazon, and many other online resources.

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