Free Dropbox Premium Accounts

Free Dropbox Premium Accounts; Dropbox is a program that is making a name for itself nowadays, and it renews itself in parallel with the developments and improvements in its field. One of the most beautiful uses of cloud computing, the most remarkable and practical technology of recent times.

We can call Dropbox in its simplest form, a file sharing platform. Dropbox is the latest and most advanced version of the flash disk in which we store photos, music, documents or many other files that we use frequently for years. If it is different from a flash disk, we do not need to carry it with us and worry about the possibility of forgetting it. only one element to benefit from this application; to be online.

Free Dropbox Premium Accounts 2022

Free Dropbox Premium AccountsPasswords
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Dropbox Free Accounts

In order to use the application, first of all, it is necessary to log in to and create an account, and then download the appropriate software and install it on our computer.

The Dropbox application provides the opportunity to access our files and information in our cloud account from more than one device at the same time. Dropbox, which offers free storage up to 2GB, has the opportunity to increase its capacity up to 8GB for certain fees, if desired.

Dropbox feels more efficient when used from smartphones and tablets. When used on mobile, in addition to the initial 2GB free space, an additional 500MB called ‘Camera Uploads’ is added.

There is also another free and easy way to increase capacity in Dropbox: You get 250mb of space for every friend you invite to use.

Recently, Dropbox’s marketing manager, Anna Christina Douglas, announced on her blog that the storage volume will expand.

Dropbox currently has 50GB of space for $9.99 per month, $99 per year; It offers 100 GB of space for $19.99 per month and $199 per year. With the change made, the 50 GB package becomes 100 GB; The 100 GB package will be upgraded to 200 GB. Dropbox Pro users will now pay the same fees for 100GB and 200GB storage as they previously paid for 50GB and 100GB spaces.

Dropbox syncs all your files wherever you are. This means that you can start on a laptop in a cafe and then finish on your work computer in your office. In this respect, Dropbox makes our life much easier.

Dropbox is very comfortable to use, so comfortable that you can experience it by using it once. Dropbox is like a time machine, it gives you the opportunity to fix errors and even recover accidentally deleted files. You can also use your files in Dropbox directly on the Dropbox site. You can also start using Dropxbox on your smartphones from the links in the network.

In Dropbox for Android, you can save text files as text (.txt). First, you are given 3GB of space. One of the main advantages of Dropbox is that there is no file upload limit. Dropbox is unlimited. From time to time, Dropbox may give you various bonuses to save you extra space. Inviting your friends to Dropbox gives you 500MB of extra space. Today, more than 50 million people use this service. The Dropbox service makes people’s work even easier. You simply upload the desired file to your personal account and share a link to send it to another person. For me, the best feature is that, as I just mentioned, the files that belong to me are not lost or deleted, I can always look at my same files with my own phone, and I have the opportunity to share them as I want.

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