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Free Hotmail Accounts; Microsoft, which is one of the most rooted IT brands in the world and provides many important IT-oriented services today, was founded in 1975 in Seattle by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. The company, which was only a computer company in its establishment, has grown over time and has become a giant IT brand. Microsoft, one of the leading companies in the industry, has many common products and services.

As the creator of Windows, one of the most respected and popular operating systems in the computer world for many years, Microsoft has started to offer many different tools and services over the years. Let’s get to know all the products and services of the IT giant, which offers many services such as Microsoft Office applications, Windows Live, Movie Maker, OneDrive and Outlook.

Free Hotmail Accounts 2022 – Free Email and Passwords

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Hotmail Free Accounts

Windows Live is the name of Microsoft’s next-generation platform that covers developed and different applications. The tools previously offered under the name of MSN on this platform are more up-to-date and with more alternatives. To use the platform, you must open an account from the Windows Live sign up page. To use the application, you can access your account with your user information from the Windows Live login page.

What is Windows MSN?

MSN is a web platform for Windows made by Microsoft. In the period before Windows Live, it came to the fore with applications such as MSN Messenger and MSN Live. MSN was introduced with Windows 95. Microsoft also introduced Internet Explorer as its first browser at the same time. In 1998, MSN’s name was changed to

What is Hotmail?

It is an e-mail service, formerly known as Windows Live Hotmail. Hotmail, whose usage has increased considerably with Messenger applications, was later merged with Microsoft Outlook. After this change, the old users of the application were not affected and their mail addresses with the extension were preserved. Hotmail extension e-mail addresses can still be obtained free of charge.

What is Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail is a new generation e-mail application with a more up-to-date and modern structure developed by Microsoft to replace MSN Mail on the old platform. It offers the advantage of being compatible with all applications of all Live services, especially Hotmail. Mail Live, unlike Windows Mail, has HTTP-based email support.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook, a kind of personal information management tool, is one of Microsoft’s most established and popular applications. This application, which is heavily known for its e-mail service, is also a convenient tool for you to manage your calendar. Outlook has been very popular for many years with its easy-to-use interface and free use.

Microsoft Services Subscription

The first thing you need to take advantage of Live services and Microsoft Outlook products is a Microsoft-based e-mail address. All products can work synchronously through the same account, so you need to create a new membership on to get a Microsoft-based e-mail address.

What are the Differences Between Outlook and Live?

Microsoft Outlook has more editable and customizable features than other email services. Thanks to Outlook, which has a much more modern structure and more features than Microsoft’s other e-mail services, you can separate your work mails and personal e-mails into different folders by creating filters.

What is Messenger and What Does It Do?

You can communicate instantly with Messenger. Messenger, as a functional and fun application, allows you to send emoticons, images and various files to other people. With the program, you can also see if your friends are online. In short, you can use this free and useful application for multimedia sharing and communication with your friends.

Windows Live Messenger Membership

In order to use Messenger, you must first create a Microsoft account and then download the Windows Live Messenger application to your computer. You can visit Microsoft’s site to download Windows Live. You can use the Live Messenger application by using the information of the account you created with the e-mail address of your Microsoft account on the program you downloaded, and you can start communicating with your friends instantly and quickly.

You Can Easily Read Incoming Messages To Your Hotmail Address

Organizing your messages and inbox is easy with Hotmail. You can go to Microsoft Outlook’s web address via the Microsoft Outlook application or a web browser, and you can easily access your account by entering your email address and your password. You can access and organize your e-mails from the “Inbox” tab.

Keep Your Documents Safe with Office 365

Thanks to the Office 365 application, where you can log in with the e-mail address and password of the Microsoft account you created, you can now use all the advantages of Microsoft Office in a more practical and secure way. All your tables, slides and documents are secured by the cloud storage system and you can access them from your computer or smartphone wherever you want.

Games For Windows – What is Live?

Games for Windows is a digital distribution, social networking, and online gaming service for Windows computers to connect Windows computers to the Live Anywhere service. Users with Gamertag can play online games, follow the status of other players, send and receive messages from other players. In addition, users can share their achievements in the game via social networks.

Games For Windows – Live Membership and Usage

You can download the Games Windows Live program to your desktop computer and log in via the Windows Live login option with the information of your Microsoft account that you used when purchasing the games. By registering your games in Windows Live Game after purchase, you’re ready to interact with other players in the community, play online, and share your achievements.

Windows Live Toolbar

With the Windows Live Toolbar, which is the handy toolbar of products belonging to Live services, it becomes very easy to search the Internet and access Live services. Windows Live Toolbar helps you a lot, keeping you more organized in your browser. The toolbar, which uses the Bing infrastructure as the search engine, can only be used through the Internet Explorer browser.

You Can Edit Your Images With Various Live Tools

Thanks to the camera phones that everyone uses, thousands of photos and videos are among our memories. Live tools help you store these memories in an organized manner. You can manage and organize your motion pictures with Movie Maker and your photos with Photo Gallery.

Windows Live Movie Maker

Movie Maker, which has been a standard application for a long time since the old versions of Windows, is a video editing tool with a simple interface. Windows Live Movie Maker is the version of this application developed with Windows Live. You can publish the movies you create with the application, which has a different design than the standard Movie Maker, with the Soapbox service.

How to Use Movie Maker?

You can cut videos or combine them with other video clips using Movie Maker as a simple video editing tool. In addition, the application has the ability to create short films, videos with slides or video clips by making use of media files such as photos, videos and music, texts and some transition effects.

Windows Live Photo Gallery

It contains various advanced features compared to the photo gallery in Windows Vista. Thanks to this tool, you can automatically transfer your photos from your camera to the computer and view and organize them sequentially. The application, which can work online and synchronously, allows you to share your photos online and view your friends’ posts. You can access the application by logging in from the Windows Live Sign In screen.

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