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Free Nba 2k21 Accounts; We will give you various tips and tactics about the new game of the series, NBA 2K21, which was released by 2K Games this year. By applying what is written in this guide, you can become the master of the field in the game and improve yourself in the right sense. We share free NBA 2K21 accounts for you to play the game quickly.

Sometimes it may take a long time to get used to the changes made in the game every year. Although you are a master in previous games, in some cases, you can perform very poorly, especially when you start a new game. The reason for this can be shown as the mechanical changes that the game goes through every year and the improvements in the structure of the game. With new features added every year, the NBA 2K series can become a very different game.

Free Nba 2k21 Accounts 2022 | Xbox One, Pc and Ps4

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Various Tactics and Tips About NBA 2K21

1- Get used to the new fire control mechanism added or changed in the new game

The 2K company, which constantly renews its fire control system, had a mechanism added in the previous game, where we can score points when we fill a bar and catch the green color. Thanks to this bar, which has changed this year, the shooting mechanics will become more difficult and you will have difficulty finding the numbers you found before. You must leave the marker in the yellow area on a bar that will appear according to the position of the field and watch the ball go. This yellow zone will constantly appear in different places and in this case, it will make the baskets made more original.

2- Avoid shooting in difficult-to-scoring positions in the game

Opponents in the game mostly determine a closed defense method and try to apply this defensive tactic in the matches. As a result of constant pressure on the field, various ball losses may occur and incorrect movements may be made. One of these wrong moves is to shoot in a one-on-one and intense defense. These types of shots are usually very inaccurate and most likely won’t score you. You should avoid these shots and play with other players in your team constantly and try to find the number by creating empty spaces for them.

3- Identify the areas where you are good at shooting and work on these areas.

In the NBA series, there is a section that analyzes your successful shots according to certain regions. You can control and examine the tab, known as “Hot Zones” and called “Hot Zones” in Turkish, via the touch area on the PS4 controller. You can learn which parts of the field you are successful in from the red and blue areas on the screen. In this way, you can increase your match winning rate by constantly finding positions on those areas of the field.

4- Perform shooting exercises by turning off the fire control mechanism.

If you think that it will take a long time to get used to the new shooting mechanisms and you believe that such bars distort your vision, you can remove these bars from the game’s settings and create a more instinctive shooting mechanism. After your player jumps, you can shoot before reaching the top and try to score.

5- Get used to playing while keeping your current position

If there is a player who has very strong badges and has very rich offensive features, you should force this player to make mistakes. Let him come on you and steal the ball. In this way, you can prevent it in the most effective way possible. You can keep your place by pressing and holding B together with the circle button. In this way, you can be a real wall against your opponent.

6- Look to Improve Your MyPlayer Stats by using VC well

If you have not pre-ordered the game, it is a dream to start a team with large amounts of money at the beginning. Accumulating large amounts of VCs can be described as torture. But there are many ways you can earn certain VCs. You can earn huge amounts of VC especially by completing challenges in MyCourt or by spinning Daily Spins offered daily.

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