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Free Soundcloud Accounts, In recent years, music listening platforms have been on the rise. In addition to the paid subscription-based music listening services offered by Spotify, Apple Music, Fizy and the latest Youtube to its users, SoundCloud, which has been offering free music since 2007, is among the most preferred music listening platforms. Of course, thanks to its free use, SoundCloud stands out among other platforms.

Free Soundcloud Accounts and Passwords 2022

You can also use some of the other music platforms for free, but you will have to listen to ads or receive limited service in return. SoundCloud gives its users the opportunity to use many services of the platform for free. There is also a premium membership, but this type of subscription is mostly preferred by content producers or those who want much more. The free version of SoundCloud is more comprehensive than most music apps on the market.

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Other Important Information About Soundcloud App

Soundcloud Free Accounts

Notable features of SoundCloud:

  • Start stations in your favorite genre of music,
  • Personal Podcast publishing,
  • Discovering new music
  • SoundCloud tags,
  • Re-sharing loved ones,
  • Adding songs to other sites,
  • Listening to music without internet,
  • private groups,
  • SoundCloud in Chrome,
  • Personal brand building.

Start stations in your favorite genre:

One of the features that makes the SoundCloud music platform stand out among other platforms is that it offers you the chance to discover amateur sounds that you have never heard before. If you open the menu options of any music you’re listening to and tap on the Station option, SoundCloud will play you songs that are similar to the music you’re listening to in sequence. The limit of playing songs is as much as the limit of similar songs on the platforms, so you will have a playlist that will play almost forever. A great feature for those who want to discover surprise songs in the nostalgic mood of listening to the radio.

Personal Podcast publishing:

Podcasts have become an increasingly common type of broadcasting in the world and in our country. We can say that podcasts are generally a radio program without music. Podcast is one of the types of publications that you can produce content at the most cost-effectively. All you need is a microphone. You can broadcast your podcasts and reach large audiences on SoundCloud, which is a free platform based only on sound. For free subscriptions, it offers a total of three hours of audio uploads per month and some basic statistics. If you buy a premium membership, you can get features such as unlimited uploads, comments on / off and more detailed statistics.

Discovering new music:

On SoundCloud, you may not find all the artists or songs you are used to listening to on other platforms. But you can find a great cover version of your favorite song, or discover a young artist who hasn’t even risen yet. In order to discover such different content, SoundCloud uses an algorithm that knows your habits well. Thanks to this algorithm, many different types of content that you like and add to your own profile will appear in the Discover section. The more actively you use the platform, the more likes you leave on the songs and podcasts you listen to, the more accurate content the algorithm will offer you.

SoundCloud tags:

In the free sharing world of SoundCloud, content producers put some tags in the description section of every song or podcast they produce and share. These tags give new listeners some preliminary ideas about the content they will listen to. However, you have the chance to see similar content by touching the one you like the most among the tags in the description section of a content you like. If you can’t see a tag under the content, you can tap “Show more” or if you want to search for a tag you know, you can go directly to the search result page by typing a URL like soundcloud.

Re-sharing loved ones:

Whether you’re an audio creator or just a listener, either way you want to share an artist or song you admire on your own page. You can easily share your favorite music or podcast on your own page with the share button at the bottom of the file. The system works like Twitter’s retweet system. The content you share on your own page will appear on your profile page and will be visible to all your followers. In this way, you will be able to easily share the content you listen to and love with your followers.

Adding songs to other sites:

SoundCloud offers its users different alternatives to share their favorite content. You can add your favorite songs or podcasts to your own website or blog. Unlike traditional social media sharing, you can create a music player on your site. For this, open the menu of your favorite song or podcast and copy the HTML code there. You can place the HTML code you receive on your own site or blog and allow your visitors to easily access the content you love.

Listening to music without internet:

SoundCloud offers many features to its users for free, but if you want to use more features, you can get a SoundCloud Premium subscription. If you get a premium account, which costs 8.25 Euros, you can access other artists and songs that you are used to listening to on other platforms, and you can listen to your favorite content without an internet connection thanks to the offline listening feature. When you have a premium membership, you can create your own offline playlist by automatically downloading the content you want to listen to offline.

Special groups:

SoundCloud allows you to create groups with people who have the same tastes as you. In the groups you create, you can share your favorite content, access your favorite songs and podcasts, and chat with people who have the same taste as you. You can access these groups via Repost Exchange and join the group that best suits your taste in life.

SoundCloud in Chrome:

Unlike a classical music listener, you can get your own, special music player. In this regard, Google Chrome and SoundCloud work together and there is a user-friendly extension. Thanks to the extension, you can easily listen to your favorite songs and podcasts on the music player that opens specially for you while surfing the internet. You can sort the contents to play in the music player, create your own custom list, adjust the sound settings, and continue your music enjoyment with this extension even when Google Chrome is not open.

Build your own brand:

You can be more than just a listener on the SoundCloud platform. Whether you’re producing content or not, you can create a cool profile page of your own. You can create yourself with your special profile photo under a special, professional title. All you have to do for this is to tap the “Edit” button on your profile. You can find yourself an influential place in the world of SoundCloud with the posts you share, the content you share again, your comments, likes and links you add to other social media accounts.

Music has always been a must, nowadays, music listening platforms are indispensable. These are the important features you need to know about SoundCloud, which stands out among all music platforms with its free and user-friendly nature. If there are practical features that you know about SoundCloud, do not forget to share them in the comments.

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