Free Twitter Accounts 2022

Free Twitter Accounts 2022, Everyone should have a unique background on Twitter. Whether you have a photo you love or a beautiful view, there must be something you add. Twitter Backgrounds prepared in the form of tiles usually do not have many problems. No matter how much Twitter changes itself, the tile type images are compatible with each other, so they are compatible with the page. However, there are a few points that we should pay attention to in the selection of background;

Free Twitter Accounts 2022 | Free Accounts and Passwords

Free Twitter Accounts Passwords

Free Twitter Accounts 2022

  • There should not be objects that will tire the eyes, it should be simple and plain
  • Picture width should match your screen width
  • Very pale colors should be avoided
  • If you can, you should design a special twitter background for you.
  • You will need a little Photoshop knowledge to design the background. If you say you don’t understand photoshop, there are two applications that I can recommend to you.

Free Twitter Designer

Free Twitter Accounts, With this completely free application, you can choose a background image, give links to your accounts on other social media sites, and write whatever you want on your background. You can even add it in various ways.

Tweet backs

It is a system where you can choose special themes mostly used by corporate companies, many social media sites and add special links. Some of the themes are also free.

TT by Geographical Locations

TT (Top Trends) on Twitter is one of the most interesting features of Twitter. However, it has many shortcomings. For example, the list of countries is quite small. The Top Trends section on the Twitter page is absolutely inadequate and rather simple to fully understand “what is being talked about in the world”. In the globalizing world, we have all heard the phrases that begin with.. over and over. We feel this globalization the most here. For example, you wonder what is spoken in Ghana. It’s hard to find on Twitter. Of course, additional applications come to our aid here.


Free Twitter Accounts, When we come over Ghana on the world map, we can see what is being talked about in Ghana one by one. When we click on the hashtags, we can read the tweets. While writing this article, the word Turkey in South Africa caught my attention. I looked a little. They were discussing a John Lennon song called Cold Turkey. Immediately after, Ahmet Davutoğlu’s statements about Iran and Syria were published and the topic turned to Turkey’s foreign affairs. Think about it, they are discussing Turkey in South Africa. I guess this is what is called globalization.

“What is being talked about in the world?” Trendsmap can be given as an answer to your question.

Well, besides globalization, wouldn’t we also want to know what’s going on in our immediate surroundings? For example, what are the people in our neighborhood talking about on Twitter?


Here, too, another application comes to our aid. According to the distance you set, all tweets written around your location appear on your screen. Don’t worry, you can still write bad things about your next-door neighbor on Twitter. For example, you can see what is being talked about at Atatürk Airport right now. This app can be very useful if used wisely.

I don’t speak English, I can’t deal with these sites, but if you want to find people near me on Twitter, there is a local application that comes to your aid.


You can also find people close to you with Tweetzu, which works with the same logic. The application, which is still in beta version, is one of the applications that should be used, although there are occasional glitches.

Interest Charts

Millions of people tweet millions of times on Twitter every day. Millions of people follow each other. As a matter of fact, you can come across tons of graphics that work in different genres. Now I will introduce you to the 3 most used and most useful sites.

Twitter Venn

You wonder what is being talked about in the world about a subject. However, with Twitter Search, you can satisfy your curiosity to a certain extent. As an example, I searched for what is being said about Syria, Iran and Turkey. You can also search for milk, chocolate and sugar if you want. With this service, you can search between tweets by searching for 2 or 3 words.

Words containing Syria in red. When you click on the red zone, tweets containing Syria appear in the lower section, mixed. If you click on the purple section, tweets containing both Iran and Syria appear. The only problem is that it doesn’t recognize letters like ü-ö-ğ.


Free Twitter Accounts, I seem to hear you say what use this mixed-colored graphic will do for me. This is the graph of my twitter users and my mentions in the last week. In dense areas, the love has been prolonged. You can use this site to learn how much and what you talk to whom. You can view not only your own account but also any account. You can also see the tweets on this chart.

Apart from the mentions, you can also search for a single word. How many times has that word been used across Twitter, where has it been used, and who has used it. Or you can also get the graphs of any Trend.


“Who is following whom?” It can actually be defined. You enter the names of 3 Twitter accounts in 3 boxes and the application will detect for you their mutual friends (mutual followers), common followers, those using the same words, etc. it can give you countless graphs and data.

As an example, I examined the common followers of the 3 authors of socialsocial. A long list appears for each intersection separately. You can follow the partners from this list, go to their profiles, and see their profile information. You can even create Twitter Lists from these people. If you want to save the output names in a different source, there is also an export option.

You can also display on the map. There are a lot of arrows going from person to person. Although it is difficult to understand when it is very crowded, this is a good method.

In order to run these applications, you must have Java installed on your system.

Control Panels / Dashboards

As you know, the thing called Social Media is now a big family. There are many applications to control all these sites from one place and to update them all at once. I will introduce a few applications that pay special attention to Twitter.

If you say how big the Social Media Family is, you can review this article where we introduced only a small part of it.


With this software, which can be used with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Web and Desktop applications, you can update and control your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Chatter and accounts.

You can see both your Facebook broadcast stream and your Twitter stream from the same window. You can interfere with all of them at the same time. You can even update your Facebook Pages here and view your flow.

Thanks to, you can update status on about 60 different social media sites. It’s great to be able to do it all from the same platform.


It is a paid software owned by Salesforce. It is a very professional application that we strongly recommend to be used by corporate companies. With this software, whose monthly fees vary between $600 and $10,000, you can view what is being talked about and who is talking about your company on social media, with special reports.

It is the most prestigious application of the salesforce company, which we know with its corporate applications.


A web application that allows you to control 5 different social media sites at the same time for free. There are also special applications for Blackberry, Android and iPhone. With Hootsuite, you can select 5 sites from dozens of different social media sites and control them all from a single point.

Hootsuite provides you with detailed charts and statistics if you pay $6 a month. The limit of 5 different sites is also removed. However, I do not recommend it to individual users. However, if you have a small company, you should definitely use Hootsuite if you want to use social media effectively.


TweetDeck is the most used panel application in the world. It is completely free and has a very nice interface. You can control as many different Twitter and Facebook updates as you want from the same panel.

Tweetdeck became so popular that it was eventually bought by Twitter for $40 million. However, we can say that Twitter, which changed the TweetDeck application a little bit a few days ago, ended many of TweetDeck’s features and screwed it up a bit. However, it is still an application that I recommend every twitter user to use. Free Twitter Accounts.

You can also learn about TweetDeck on the Twitter Official Page.

In this article, we examined the applications that focus more on twitter. There are other dashboard applications that are not focused on Twitter. For those who do not like these applications, the alternatives are;

  • tweet
  • PeopleBrowsr
  • Threadsy
  • brizzly
  • MediaFunnel
  • speedfast
  • Event Organizers

The location of the Facebook Events app is undeniable. It is the first thing that comes to mind of every event organizer. However, there are various applications for those who want to make their voice heard on Twitter.


With Twtvite, which has a plain and simple design, you can announce your events and get information about the events. You can also transfer events from your e-mail addresses.


An application that shows the events you will organize on Twitter and helps you to announce your event is Tweetvite. You can also search for events published on Twitter via tweetvite.

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