Udemy Free Accounts 2022

Udemy Free Accounts, Due to Covid-19, which has taken the world under its influence, our habits and lifestyle have undergone many changes and the time we spend at home has increased. We can even say that we are used to this situation. Request; We are here with an application where you can evaluate your time while the curfew measures continue. In this news, we included the Udemy application and explained it in detail with all its features.

While examining the Udemy application, where you can turn the pandemic crisis into an opportunity, we mentioned its advantages as well as its shortcomings. We talked about how to use this application, where you can access courses from many categories. Request; What is ‘Udemy’? ‘How to use the Udemy app’? ‘Purchase Udemy courses’. Is ‘Udemy paid’? ‘Udemy pay monthly’? The answers to all these questions and more are in the continuation of our news.

Udemy Free Accounts 2022 | Premium Accounts And Password

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Free Udemy Premium Accounts

Free Udemy Accounts; Udemy is an app where you can buy instructor-led courses in various categories. In this app, you can improve yourself by taking online courses in Business, Finance and Accounting, Software Development, IT and Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography and Video, Health and Fitness, Music, Teaching and Academia, language categories. . Alright; ‘How to use the Udemy app’? ‘Purchase Udemy courses’. Is ‘Udemy paid’? ‘Udemy pay monthly’? The answer to all these questions is in the rest of our news.

How to Use the Udemy App

In the Udemy application, you first touch the box that says ‘create an account’ and then log in with the account you created via Google, Facebook or your email.

At the bottom, you’ll see the highlights, my courses, wishlist, and account options. In the ‘Featured’ option, you will see the best-selling and most-starred courses and categories such as business, music, personal development, design, marketing, lifestyle. Thus, if you want, you can buy from popular courses, or you can list all categories by tapping the ‘show all’ text and make course selections from here.

The ‘Search’ option will help you specifically search for a course. You can also browse the categories on this page. You can also search through the most searched words.

When you come to the ‘My Courses’ option, you will see that the courses you have taken are stored here. Since I have just started using the application and have not purchased it, this field seems empty for now. Again in this area, you can have your courses listed as favorite courses, archived and downloaded courses by touching the ‘all courses’ text you see at the top.

To add a course to the wish list, hover over that course and add it to your wishes by tapping on the ‘add to wish list’ text you see at the bottom.

When you come to the ‘Account’ option, your profile will appear. You can edit the download and video playback options from your account, and create a password if you don’t have it for your security.

Udemy Course Purchase

To purchase a course on the Udemy app, you first come to the course. By tapping the ‘Preview this course’ screen, you can watch for a while before purchasing. When you open the course, you will see the price, course content, what you will learn, the curriculum.’ When you scroll down on this page, you will also see the comments of the users. Thus, you get a preliminary knowledge before purchasing the course. As you can see in the photo, you can tap on one of the ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ options.

You can take the course when you tap on the ‘buy now’ text.

When you come to the ‘Add to cart’ option, you add the course to your cart and continue shopping in the application. When you come to your cart, you can buy the course you selected. At the same time, you can see the courses you have added to the wish list here.

Is Udemy Paid? Is Udemy Pay Monthly?

Udemy is an app that you can download and use for free. But as we mentioned in our article, the courses are paid. The prices of the courses vary. You can buy courses for 50 or 300 TL on the Udemy app. You can also catch discount opportunities in the application. E.g; A few days ago, I was able to catch the discount, which reduced the course from 300 to 36.99 However, course fees are one-time prices, not monthly like app subscriptions. As long as you have a Udemy account, you can access a course you have purchased at any time.

Udemy emerges as a useful mobile application in terms of evaluating the time at home and improving ourselves in this process where the Covid-19 measures continue. If we talk about its advantages, we can mention the discounts it applies as we mentioned above. When we examine the user comments, it is that Udemy makes these discounts frequently. On the other hand, apart from the discounts, the fees of some courses up to 400 are among the disadvantages of the application.

You can download the Udemy app from Play Store and App Store.

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