Vimeo Free Accounts 2022

Vimeo Free Accounts, vimeo; It is a video sharing-based social media platform founded in the USA in 2004. Although it is in direct competition with Youtube, another widely and intensively used video sharing social media platform, Vimeo has basically been accepted for long-term video and movie sharing.

Vimeo, which enables video-based socialization and communication with the feature of creating profiles, following friends and profiles that interest you, post sharing, liking and of course uploading videos, is known for featuring videos with adult content, unlike other video-based social media platforms. Again, the same feature prevented the rapid spread of the application around the world due to different country policies and restrictions. The platform, which is still actively used, has achieved differentiation thanks to its video blog feature.

Vimeo Free Accounts 2022

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Free Vimeo Accounts

Free Vimeo Accounts; It is a platform that offers video sharing – video uploading service. It includes the possibility of watching videos with high resolutions. It is a video sharing channel that stands out with its simple structure. There is no Turkish language support. Video quality with a maximum resolution of 1280 * 720 can be provided. As in other video sharing centers, videos that are poor in terms of images are not included, so user experience is kept in the foreground.

How to Use Vimeo in B2B Marketing?

Vimeo is a well-established video sharing platform. It started its activities in 2004, the same year as Youtube, the world’s largest video sharing platform. This application, which was created by filmmakers, has more than 50 million active users in the world. It is a video sharing application that has recently become very popular in our country. Here filmmakers, animators, musicians, writers and many more share their creative work.

In B2B marketing, Vimeo will be a very effective option. This app has over 170 million visitors and over 700 million views every month. Social media application, which appeals to a wider audience every day, also appears as a digital marketing platform. This application is slightly different from other social media networks and video sharing applications. I will explain in detail how you can benefit from your business on Vimeo.

You can set some digital marketing strategies on Vimeo based on your professional work on Youtube. Now, in this article, we will give you some details about how you can benefit from Vimeo in digital marketing activities;

How to Use Vimeo in Digital Marketing?

Platforms with video content are much more effective areas in the digital marketing process. However, many businesses plan their activities on well-known video sharing sites. However, video sharing platforms that appeal to a wide audience, such as Vimeo, are also a place where you can conduct highly effective and cost-effective marketing activities.

Produce Professional and Aesthetic Videos

The videos on Vimeo are elements that have aesthetic values ​​and are rich in content. In other words, Vimeo is a video sharing platform where corporate companies include professional work, especially in the digital marketing sector.

You should create professional videos that will strengthen your brand’s image by analyzing your target audience well. In particular, users will pay attention to the content of your videos. Therefore, reveal the strengths of your brand with videos with full content. So the more professional you approach, the more you can impress your potential customers and business partners.

While Youtube is among the video applications in Turkey, applications such as Vimeo remain in the background. But the best thing about Vimeo is that it helps companies focus on the products and services they’re considering marketing.

Avoid Posting Ads

One of the most important features of the Vimeo application is that there are no advertisements in the videos. Therefore, the contents are displayed without being cut off. Therefore, try to create your brand image without advertising.

With no ads, it means that other competitors operating in the same industry as you are not included in your video. If your competitors give advantageous advertisements in your videos, it may be possible that your work will not reach its goal. That’s why you can include effective videos without advertising.

Don’t Neglect Opening a Business Account

There are no paid ads on Vimeo. That’s why companies open a business account and create their videos here. You can share your videos by opening a Premium business account. Let us give you information about the packages;

  • Vimeo Basic: It is the package that you can use for free. It offers 500 MB of storage per week.
  • Vimeo Plus: There is a monthly fee of 7 dollars. It has 5GB of storage per week.
  • Vimeo Pro: There is a monthly fee of $ 20. It offers 50GB of storage on a weekly basis.
  • Vimeo Business: There is a monthly payment of 50 dollars. There is no weekly storage limit. However, it offers up to 5TB of storage. It is a very right investment for medium and large-sized businesses.

After you create a Vimeo profile, you can personalize your profile as you wish. With the right steps, you can make your brand more visible on Vimeo. You can also make your brand image much stronger. Paid accounts on Vimeo offer you many conveniences. Here are the amenities that will be offered to you:

Customizable Video Sharing: When you open an account with paid packages, you can add your sites using your own brand and domain. You can also make personalizations that you can identify with another brand. In addition to this, you can put a business logo in the video player, add your company’s image, customize the player colors, create a special URL for each video and choose thumbnails. These features will provide you with great advantages in creating a corporate company perception and strengthening the brand image.

Sharing on Other Platforms: You can embed the videos you created on Vimeo on different websites or share them on social networks online. In this way, you can reach your videos to a much wider audience. You can get more effective SEO values ​​from videos with a wider sharing network. Thus, you can make your website more prominent in search engine rankings.

Evaluating Results: Vimeo will also provide great convenience to businesses in terms of analysis. You can see the interaction and demographic characteristics of your users in detail. It also gives you the opportunity to examine likes, impressions, comments and many more parameters. However, you can also examine details such as playback locations, devices where videos are played, and user interaction area. By obtaining this data, you can better understand your business partners. You can also create your marketing strategies according to these details. In addition, you can develop marketing strategies that you can reach wider audiences by doing your analysis on Vimeo professionally and regularly.

Last Comment

In B2B marketing, Vimeo is a video sharing network that is getting stronger day by day in the Turkish market. You can also do much more professional work here.

By opening a business account on Vimeo, you can create a brand image and create effective digital marketing strategies in your business activities.


What are the Differences Between Vimeo and Youtube?

Image and sound quality is higher than Youtube. Compared to Youtube, there is a much more controlled video upload and approval policy. The number of empty, ridiculous, useless, illegal videos is much less. Audience audiences do not leave unnecessary comments like on Youtube. Youtube approves in a much shorter time during video upload and then deletes the video from the system without notice if there is a copyright problem. On Vimeo, a uploaded video is controlled much more thoroughly. Thus, incidents such as unannounced video deletion are very rare. It offers the possibility to add your own logo to your videos. It has the opportunity to analyze the audiences watching your videos much more easily. You can easily change the video you upload to Vimeo without changing the link. Youtube does not have this feature.

Why Should I Open a Paid Account on Vimeo?

Youtube stands out with its price in video searches. Other users are viewing these videos first. But those who upload videos on Vimeo by paying a fee do not allow others to view them before their video call. Every paid account gets the same balanced video ranking.

Is Vimeo Basic Account a Demo Account?

No, it is not a trial account. It is a permanent account. However, those who open a basic package account cannot upload too many videos and do not have the same opportunities as other paid accounts.

Can I Cancel My Vimeo Paid Account At Any Time?

Of course, you can close the account at any time or downgrade to one or more sub-accounts. If you do not complete 30 days during account closing or downgrade, you will not be charged.

Will People Watching My Video Watch Others’ Ads?

No way. Neither before, nor in the middle, nor at the end of your video… In short, those who watch your video will not see any advertisements.

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