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Zoom Free Accounts, As you know, due to the Corona virus epidemic, schools were closed, many workplaces were closed and we had to stay in our homes. In this process, both our National Education and our teachers have started to plan some distance education lessons with individual efforts so that our students do not stay away from education life.

While National Education provides education on the television screen and on the eba portal by creating EBA TV, our teachers also try to give video lessons through some applications. Zoom application is one of these applications. I will explain to you in detail what is the Zoom program, which I took a video of in the first days, and how to use it. I will also share frequently asked questions about the Zoom program in the question and answer section below.

Zoom Free Accounts 2022 | Free Account And Passwords

We wanted to contribute to this process by sharing free zoom accounts. We will update the accounts daily. I wish you good work.

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Free Zoom Accounts

How do I prepare a 1-week lesson plan on Zoom?
You can check the “Recurring meetings” option in the Schedule a meeting section of the Zoom site. If you choose the meeting ID as Personal ID, it is not necessary to send the link repeatedly.

How can I divide into groups on Zoom?
This is not possible in a free membership, but you can create different groups in paid memberships.

Students could not connect to the meeting. While connecting, they encountered the warning “please wait for the host to start this meeting”, what can I do?
In this case, you need to wait for the host to start the meeting. If the host is not logged in, this warning will appear.

Can’t we translate the language of the Zoom App to Turkish?
Unfortunately, the Zoom application does not have Turkish support yet. You can translate the site, not the application, by using the Google Chrome feature and clicking the right button and saying translate the site.

Can we log in to the Zoom application with the same ID on a different day and time?
Certainly. If you select “Personal ID” for the meeting, that is, Meeting ID, when starting the meetings, the link of all your meetings will be the same. It’s a bit risky, but other people can take a course.

How do we fix the teacher’s image in the middle in Zoom?
If you double-click on the images of the participants above, it will be fixed in the middle. Otherwise, the speaker’s will appear. Whoever you double-click on their image remains fixed.

Do you need a paid membership in Zoom after the first 40 minutes of the application?
No. After the 40 minutes are up, you can create a new meeting and continue for free.

How can I prevent students from typing anything on the screen in Zoom?
When you share the screen, the “… more” option appears on the far right of the toolbar. You should come there and click on the “Disable participants annotation” option.

Can I mute students in Zoom and prevent them from turning them back on?
Yeah. A warning will appear when you click on “Mute all” in the Participants section. “Allow participant unmute themselves” if you remove this option, no one can unmute.

It gave the warning “Zoom is unable to detect your camera” on the laptop, what should I do?
There is probably a problem with the webcam. If there is no problem, choose the right camera by going to the “Video” section in the Zoom settings.

Is a “Schedule Meeting” required before the meeting? Can’t we have a meeting without this?
Of course it’s not necessary. This makes it easy for you to plan and post links ahead of time.

I could not project the PDF file to the screen in the Zoom program, what can I do?
If you cannot mirror any file type to the screen, if you say “Share Screen” directly, you will have already mirrored all applications.

In the Zoom application, the sound does not go mutually, what can we do?
It’s a common problem with phones. The reason is that when you enter the meeting, you will see the headphone sign at the bottom left, you must click there and give microphone permission from the phone. If not, the microphone is broken.

Can I create a Zoom meeting and lecture without anyone, just for screen recording?
Even if you are a single person, you can create a meeting, share the screen, and create a meeting recording in mp4 format.

Do we need to add students one by one after creating the meeting in the Zoom program? How do we add students?
Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, E-mail etc. You can send the link from a platform where you can reach your students. Or you can give a Meeting ID.

When I share the screen and open a video in Zoom, the sound of the video does not go to the participants, what can I do?
When you press the Share part, you should select the “Share computer sound” option at the bottom left.

Can I create a permanent meeting if we are always teaching with the same group with the Zoom program?
Yeah. You have a “Personal ID”. When entering the meeting, you need to set this ID as the Meeting ID.

How much internet does a 40-minute class use with the Zoom program?
About 250 – 300 mb. I did a 3 hour training and it spent 2.5 gb. Of course, this is not clear, it may vary depending on the resolution. The Zoom program has recently reduced its data consumption considerably. While a 2-hour call in April 2020 consumed 2 GB of internet, a 2-hour call in July 2020 consumed approximately 900 MB of internet.

Is there an alternative that is difficult to write with a mouse from a laptop in the Zoom program?
You can get a graphic tablet. Or, for numerical lessons, let me suggest an editor where they can write symbols such as division, exponent, square root. You share this screen. Another suggestion is to use the phone as a secondary camera in Zoom and mirror the table. You can find the video at the bottom of this post.

When joining a meeting in the Zoom program, after entering the Meeting ID, it asks for a password, what should I write in this field?
Probably the host made the meeting encrypted. You must reach your host and obtain the login password.

Can we take control of someone else’s computer with Zoom?
Yes, this is possible. The host can do this. After sharing the screen, he can click the “Remote Control” button above and choose who he wants to give control to.

Can I record the meeting on the computer with the Zoom program?
Yeah. As soon as the meeting starts, if you click the “Record” button below, the recording will start. When the meeting ends, it saves it in the Zoom folder in the Documents folder in mp4 format.

File sharing via Zoom?
Yeah. You can share files with the “File” option in the chat section. You can also share files with tools such as drive and dropbox in the share section.

In Zoom, can the host record the meeting at the same time, and can another participant do it?
Yes, if the host allows it. From the Participants section, hover over a user and click on the “More” option and allow it by saying “Allow record”.

Are Zoom and Zoom Cloud Meetings the same? Which Zoom to download?
These are both the same app. There is no difference between Zoom and Zoom Clouds Meeting.

Using phone as camera in zoom
It is possible to use the phone as a camera in the Zoom application. By downloading the Droidcam app, you can use your phone both as a secondary camera and as a camera if you don’t have one.

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